How will Moldova return to Russia?

27 August 2019 0

On August 16, Igor Dodon signed a law on elections in Moldova, which means a transition from a mixed electoral system to a proportional one. Changing in the electoral system itself was a recommendation from the Venice Commission and Moldova’s partners in the EU, and the mere fact that Moldovan President Igor Dodon proved loyal […]

Russia doesn't tire of lying

15 August 2019 0

Russian Federation continues to use international negotiation platforms to promote its own vision of ways to resolve the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. In general, the rhetoric of Russians can be characterized by the 33 US President G. Truman phrase “If you cannot convince them, confuse them,..” According to them, Ukraine does not adhere to […]

Zelensky urges Normandy Four leaders to meet ASAP as Donbas death toll rises

6 August 2019 0

The deadly shelling by Russian-backed forces is aimed at undermining not only the latest truce, but also the entire settlement process. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in response to the deadly shelling that killed four Ukrainian troops in Donbas, called on the Normandy Four leaders to resume negotiations as soon as possible, according to UNIAN. “Four […]

Volker: US President Trump may join efforts to settle situation in Donbas

3 August 2019 0

US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker supposes that US President Donald Trump may join efforts to settle the situation in eastern Ukraine.  “The problem again lies in Russia’s actions and policies. If there are signs that it is serious and is willing to actually end the conflict, I am sure it is very […]

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