Russia intentionally violates international norms. It leads to war...

12 November 2019 0

Chief of the General Staff of Great Britain Nick Carter stated that Moscow operates in the “gray zone”, using information as a weapon. Russia uses its protégés in conflicts, at the same time denying its ties with them. “Part of that is – cyber actions, space actions, as well as misinformation, subversions, manipulations, murders, latent […]

30 years later, a new global threat to peace

9 November 2019 0

Today is a big holiday for us. 30 years ago, everyone thought that an absolute and infinite peace had come. After 30 years, the wall between Russia and the West is being restored. Russian militarists are increasingly active around the world: USA, Europe, Africa. The Kremlin is constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons against all […]

Russia covers war criminals

8 November 2019 0

Igor Bezler, who was at the origins of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, is carefully covered by the Russian authorities. On his conscience is the blood of many people, both civilians and regular army soldiers. Read more in the investigation of the Bellingcat investigation team. ShareTweet0 Shares

Human Rights Watch: Russia has no right to conscript Crimeans to serve in Russian armed forces

3 November 2019 0

Russia has no right to conscript males in occupied Crimea to serve in the Russian armed forces as these actions blatantly violate international law.  “As an occupying power, Russia not only has no right to conscript people in Crimea, but its draft is blatantly violating international law. Doubling down on this violation, Russian authorities are […]

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