Nord Stream 2 at the finish line

Denmark’s permission to build the pipeline was not a surprise to major players in the energy market. It is unlikely that Gazprom will be able to launch the gas pipeline before January 1, 2019, but the argument about the presence of an additional gas pipeline will strengthen the position of the Russians during trilateral negotiations with Ukraine and the EU.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine counts on the firm position of the European Union on the full distribution of the updated rules of the Third Energy Package to the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, since the project poses real threats to the security of the Baltic Sea region and the energy security of Ukraine and other states.

In addition, the United States will impede the construction of the Russian Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline so that gas transit through Ukraine does not decrease.

This was announced by US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan at a hearing on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


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