Ukraine-US partnership to strengthen regardless of US election results

The strategic partnership between the United States and Ukraine and Washington’s support for the Ukrainian people will only strengthen, regardless of who wins this year’s US presidential election. Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States Volodymyr Yelchenko said this on Thursday, October 15.

“I am confident that regardless of who wins this year’s US election, our friendship and strategic partnership will continue to grow, as both Ukraine and the United States are committed to strengthening these relations,” the diplomat said.

He recalled that the bipartisan support of the Ukrainian people in the United States has always been maintained since Ukraine’s independence, and even earlier. He also thanked the US side for its “leadership position in maintaining transatlantic unity and increasing pressure on Russia for its aggressive and malicious behavior”. In this regard, he emphasized the importance of keeping international sanctions against Russia in place until it leaves Donbas and Crimea.

“The Crimea Declaration, opposition to the Nord Stream II project, strong sanctions policy, assistance in the field of security and defense, including lethal weapons, and assistance in the transformation of our Armed Forces are examples of how strong Ukrainian-American relations are,” the diplomat said.


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