Vladimir Putin’s system is steeped in falsehoods

Russia’s covid-19 outbreak is far worse than the Kremlin admits. The number of medical workers getting sick, and dying, is growing.

Among countries where we have found national data on excess deaths, the biggest difference from official statistics has been in Russia—which recorded about 83,000 more fatalities than usual between April and July, compared with an official covid-19 toll of 15,000 according to the Economists.

Russian Medics Say Official Figures Can’t Be Trusted, some Russian doctors on social media say they were told to keep numbers low by including in the covid statistics only those who died directly of the disease, not those who had underlying conditions that might have contributed to their demise. Victims’ relatives are furious.

Lines of ambulances wait hours to deliver their patients for lung scans at a hospital in Perm, as Russia reports record numbers of new COVID-19 cases on a daily basis.

Official statements on October 18 reported 15,099 new infections, but health professionals do not believe the authorities are revealing the true numbers.


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