The Russian federal budget draft for 2020 is in and it shows that state-owned media will receive 1.3 billion euros next year; a big jump from the current almost 1 billion.

Recently, the draft of Russia Federation federal budget for 2020 was announced, it provides 1.3 billion Euros for federal media outlets! For example, in 2019 only 1 billion Euros was allocated for this issue. So, Russia very generously finances “RussiaToday” for international audiences in order to create suitable public opinions.
For instance, EU provides in 2019 only 5 million Euros for combating pro-Kremlin misinformation, fake news and supporting independent and democratic media (including neighboring EU countries, especially in the Western Balkans, which are candidates for EU accession).
United States fund more. The US Congress has decided to increase expenditures for the Russian Impact Fund in 2020 up to $ 285 million. The funds to be used to support EU member states, NATO, as well as US partner countries (Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Kosovo, Serbia and Ukraine) in resisting Russian pressure.
Russia is seeking to achieve its strategic goals through active media influence on EU countries and countries it regards as its “area of influence”. While the democratic world underestimates the possibility of “hybrid threats” created by the Russian propaganda machine.


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