Russia manages the war in Libya

20 February 2020 0

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Russia manages the war in Libya “at the highest level”. To support his statement, Erdogan showed journalists a picture with the Russian Federation Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu, the Armed Forces General Staff head Valery Gerasimov, the Libyan National Army commander Khalifa Haftar and the head of the […]

U.S. slaps sanctions on Russia's Rosneft

19 February 2020 0

Washington accused Rosneft of buying oil from Venezuela in circumvention of U.S. sanctions. The United States has sanctioned Russian-owned oil firm Rosneft Trading S.A. “Today we sanctioned Russian-owned oil firm Rosneft Trading S.A., cutting off Maduro’s main lifeline to evade our sanctions on the Venezuelan oil sector. Those who prop up the corrupt regime and […]

"DPR" claims Surkov to remain Donbas negotiator

14 February 2020 0

Founder of the Vostok terrorist unit and former “Security Council Secretary of the Donetsk People’s Republic (“DPR”)” Alexander Khodakovsky has said the Kremlin decided to divide the supervision areas into “Ukrainian issues” and issues of the occupied regions of Donbas. “There is good news: [deputy head of the Russian Presidential Administration Dmitry] Kozak will be […]

About 20 countries join Sea Breeze 2020 military exercises in Odesa

8 February 2020 0

This year, about 20 countries have joined the traditional Sea Breeze military exercises in Odesa. Ukraine and the US are traditional organizers of the exercises. About 20 countries have joined this year’s drills. According to commander of the exercises from the Ukrainian side, Captain I rank Oleksiy Doskato, the attraction of new participants, namely representatives […]

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