Different poles of one country

24 February 2020 0

Map of Germany. It houses the headquarters of the largest German companies. On the left  there is West Germany, which after the end of World War II was in the sphere of the United States influence, on the right there is East Germany, which was under the USSR. After the fall of the Berlin Wall […]

“Russia today”: Tsemakh killed

31 January 2020 0

   “Russia today” On January 31, with reference to the “hacked” correspondence of V. Tsemakh’s relatives, it reported the death of a suspect in the case of shooting down the MH17 over Donbass.  Based on the screenshots of the correspondence, it follows that Tsemakh left for Moscow on business on January 26, 2020, after […]

Over 50% of Ukrainians support joining NATO as security guarantee

23 December 2019 0

50.3% of Ukrainians consider the country’s accession to NATO a priority option for guaranteeing the security of Ukraine. “More than half of the population — 50.3% of Ukrainians — believe that the country needs to join NATO in order to ensure a proper level of security,” Head of NGO “Center for Applied Research” Andriy Karakuts […]

The results of the press conference of Putin.

23 December 2019 0

On December 19, a press conference of Russian President V. Putin was held. During his conversations with reporters, Putin answered more than 70 questions. Results of the press conference: – a key element of the Minsk process is the law on the special status of Donbass; – Putin said that in the Donbas is not […]

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