How to force the European Parliament to read the news of Russian propaganda

14 October 2019 0

European Parliament today (abbreviated as “EP Today”) – supposed to be a monthly news journal of the European Parliament. The site uses the attributes of the European Union, a logo of 12 stars and has 145,000 Facebook subscribers. Everything seems to be lawful and solid unless there’s something notorious to be worried about… EP Today […]

Kremlin Media on Greta Thunberg: “An Illiterate, Fanatic Messiah” - EU vs Disinformation

4 October 2019 0

Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets have intensified a campaign on the climate issue, suggesting “alternative versions” and conspiracies around, and has lately also stepped up on their efforts, attacking Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager than initiated a school strike against climate change. Ms. Thunberg is viciously being attacked by state controlled media. The Russian Government Offices’ official newspaper, […]

Russian mercenaries have been killed in the Libyan Civil War

3 October 2019 0

Last week, the bodies of the first Russians killed in Libya’s civil war started arriving back home for burial. Officially, Russia isn’t part of the fighting in North Africa, which has been ongoing for several years now. In reality, however, Russian combatants have been providing massive support to one side in the conflict, in exchange for which […]

Figure of the Week: 1.3 Billion

2 October 2019 0

The Russian federal budget draft for 2020 is in and it shows that state-owned media will receive 1.3 billion euros next year; a big jump from the current almost 1 billion. The single biggest beneficiary is the TV News channel RT (Russia Today), which will receive almost 23 billion roubles or 325 million euros, according to the draft. Needless to […]

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