Over 50% of Ukrainians support joining NATO as security guarantee

23 December 2019 0

50.3% of Ukrainians consider the country’s accession to NATO a priority option for guaranteeing the security of Ukraine. “More than half of the population — 50.3% of Ukrainians — believe that the country needs to join NATO in order to ensure a proper level of security,” Head of NGO “Center for Applied Research” Andriy Karakuts […]

The results of the press conference of Putin.

23 December 2019 0

On December 19, a press conference of Russian President V. Putin was held. During his conversations with reporters, Putin answered more than 70 questions. Results of the press conference: – a key element of the Minsk process is the law on the special status of Donbass; – Putin said that in the Donbas is not […]

How to force the European Parliament to read the news of Russian propaganda

14 October 2019 0

European Parliament today (abbreviated as “EP Today”) – supposed to be a monthly news journal of the European Parliament. The site uses the attributes of the European Union, a logo of 12 stars and has 145,000 Facebook subscribers. Everything seems to be lawful and solid unless there’s something notorious to be worried about… EP Today […]

Kremlin Media on Greta Thunberg: “An Illiterate, Fanatic Messiah” - EU vs Disinformation

4 October 2019 0

Pro-Kremlin disinformation outlets have intensified a campaign on the climate issue, suggesting “alternative versions” and conspiracies around, and has lately also stepped up on their efforts, attacking Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager than initiated a school strike against climate change. Ms. Thunberg is viciously being attacked by state controlled media. The Russian Government Offices’ official newspaper, […]

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