UK Conservatives in the service of the Russian Federation?

13 November 2019 0

“The conservative party of Boris Johnson have been receiving funds from nine Russian sponsors, which were mentioned in the classified report on Russia’s attempts to undermine the UK democracy”, stated in the Business Insider publication. According to the publication, former Minister of Defense Alexander Temerko donated donated more than 1.2 million pounds to the Conservative […]

Old - new fakes of Russian propaganda about the MH-17 case.

29 October 2019 0

In order to discredit JIT, Russia released the propaganda “documentary” film “MH-17, Call for Justice.” The tape was filmed by former correspondent of the Russian television channel “Russia Today” Yana Erlashova and blogger from the Netherlands Max van der Verff. The film authors repeat the old exploits of Russian propaganda. The main Kremlin’s objectives are to […]

How will Moldova return to Russia?

27 August 2019 0

On August 16, Igor Dodon signed a law on elections in Moldova, which means a transition from a mixed electoral system to a proportional one. Changing in the electoral system itself was a recommendation from the Venice Commission and Moldova’s partners in the EU, and the mere fact that Moldovan President Igor Dodon proved loyal […]

Russia doesn't tire of lying

15 August 2019 0

Russian Federation continues to use international negotiation platforms to promote its own vision of ways to resolve the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. In general, the rhetoric of Russians can be characterized by the 33 US President G. Truman phrase “If you cannot convince them, confuse them,..” According to them, Ukraine does not adhere to […]

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