Who is the Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church?

1 October 2019 0

Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch participates in the Russia Security Council meeting, for this he has the highest access to state power secrets. But how does a church figure have that access level?  If you consider his biography, you will find certain interesting details that leads to suggestion that the church head in Russia is not […]

Eternal memory "Babin Yar" victims

29 September 2019 0

September 29, “Babin Yar” Victims Remembrance Day will be held in Ukraine. During the fascist’s occupation of Ukraine, about 100 thousand people were killed in this place! Different nationalities of people and only Jews were executed for being Jews. Ukrainian society remembers Holocaust Horrors and honors its victims. Unfortunately, there is open speculation on the […]

Putin is really out of mind?!

24 September 2019 0

Putin – he’s afraid, he’s scared, he’s alone. The Hague ghost becomes more and more real to him. He understands this well and therefore is threatening the world to use the nuclear button. As long as he is in power, the threat of nuclear war will only grow. The regime wants to negotiate with it, […]

Vilnius: Liberation or occupation?!

19 September 2019 0

The Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Ministry has protested Russia’s intention to celebrate the Vilnius “liberation”, and that is for calls Russian ambassadors and diplomatic representatives for speaking. Fact is known that after the Soviet army expelled Nazi German troops in summer 1944, the USSR’s occupation structures were created and operated in Lithuania, as well as in […]

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