In Crimea to close Kerch Bridge due to coronavirus

1 April 2020 0

The so-called “authorities” in the occupied Crimea endorsed a decision to establish a checkpoint on the Kerch Bridge at 00:00 on April 2 in order to counter the spread of coronavirus infection. At 00:00 on April 2, the quarantine measures providing for “one hundred percent inspection of all vehicles” will be introduced along with the […]

EU-Ukraine Association Council to be held on January 28

22 January 2020 0

The main topic of the EU-Ukraine Association Council, to be held in Brussels on January 28, will be the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the issues related to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.  “This will be the first Association Council chaired by Oleksiy Honcharuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine. The EU delegation will be led […]

Russia infringes on LGBT rights

11 January 2020 0

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ordered the Russian government to pay 42.5 thousand euros to three groups protecting the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT) as compensation for their denial of registration over the past few years. The law is rightly criticize by the ECHR, the UN Committee on […]

Hybrid War of Russia

20 May 2019 0

Who, if not the descendants of the inhabitants of Europe destroyed by the World War II, must remember the horrors of any form of war – including the hybrid one. It is still possible to prevent a Third World War, and Europe as well as all world have all necessary economic leverage.   Share59Tweet59 Shares

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