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The Russian government resigned on January 15

What does this mean? Perhaps this is a complete restart of the system and, in the near future, the announcement of snap elections, both presidential and parliamentary.

In fact, D. Medvedev has already received a new appointment – the deputy President of the Security Council, responsible for defense capability.

The State Council is a body with not very clear authorities that has existed for a long time, but has not yet been imposed into the constitutional field But despite the fact that V. Putin has talked about some changes in the constitution, it can be assumed that the position of the State Council will be the main one in the Russian political system, which V. Putin will take. Therefore, the most-trusted officials are positioned on the important direction.

What else Putin is going to change in the Russian constitution?

– limit the priority of international law;

– change the procedure of appointing the government;

– change the procedure of appointing the heads of security, defence and law enforcement agencies;

– the clause which prohibit the same person to hold the position of president for more than 2 terms in a row will be changed;

– the candidate for the presidency will be forced to live in Russia for 25 years before the balloting (the age limit of 10 years is still required now);

– the president cannot have foreign citizenship or a residence permit (even in the past).

In view of the above, it can be noted that all this is conceived for one single reason – the preservation of power in the future.


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