Riots on Grushevsky Street, 2014

On 19 January, Sunday mass protest, took place gathering up to 200,000 in central Kiev to protest the new anti-protest laws, dubbed the “Dictatorship laws”. Many protesters defied the face concealment ban by donning masks, while others wore hard hats and gas masks.

Clashes erupted as thousands descended upon parliament via Hrusehvskoho Street, and were met by police cordons, and a blockade of military cars, mini-vans and buses. The protests escalated into riots and clashes with police erupted. The riots on Hrushevskoho Street have been ongoing from 19–22 January.

On 22 January, during the Hrushevskoho Street riots, the first death occurred after where police shot and killed a protester climbing the barricades in the conflict zone. It was reported he received 4 gunshot wounds, including to the head, and died immediately on the scene before being taken to hospital.


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