The 18th anniversary of the tragedy in the theater center at Dubrovka, where on October 23, 2002, Chechen terrorists took more than 900 hostages from among the artists and spectators of the musical Nord-Ost, and withheld till October 26, at least 174 hostages killed as a result – some were poisoned by gas, used in the assault. This is despite the storming, which was carried out by Russian special forces of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Terrorists required an ending the war and the withdrawal of troops from Chechnya. The Kremlin still has no clear answers to many of the questions that the public has raised about the tragedy.

It should be noted that all 40 terrorists who participated in the capture of the theater center were killed during the assault, many of them by shots in the back of the head, clearly after they were captured alive. It seems that the Russian security services had and still have something to hide in connection with this terrorist attack.