In the southern part of the Oresund Strait, between Denmark and Sweden, a Russian small anti-submarine ship “Kazanets collided with a cargo ship Ice Rose.

cargo ship Ice Rose

This was reported by the portal with reference to the Russian media.

According to report, the Russian anti-submarine warship “Kazanets” received a hole above the waterline.

The cargo ship Ice Rose proceeded from St. Petersburg to Gothenburg, according to the website of the ships’ monitoring. According to available information, the ship left St. Petersburg and was to arrive in Gothenburg on September 23 at 22.00. However, at 10.59 the ship changed course and began to move in a circle, and then in the opposite direction. At the time of the collision, the speed of the vessel decreased 12 times from 3.7 knots (6.7 km / h) to 0.3 knots (0.5 km / h).

The Baltic Fleet clarified that none of the crew of the Russian ship was injured in the collision.

Patrol ship P523 of the Danish army, a Swedish tug and a helicopter with rescuers arrived to the area.