The Russian prosecutor’s office asks to impose a sentence of 2 years in prison for a member of the Perm branch of the Libertarian Party of Russia Alexander Kotov, 3 years in prison for Alexander Shabarchin and 1 year and 6 months in prison for Danila Vasiliev, who filmed a video with a dummy on their “face” in Perm which was a photo of Vladimir Putin.
The case was based on an examination made by specialists from the Perm State National Research University (PSNIU).

According to experts, the filming participants acted “out of political and ideological enmity, as well as enmity against a social group of people – residents of the Russian Federation who support the activities of Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

It seems that the protests in Khabarovsk reincarnated the Russian repressive machine of the 30s of the last century, when dissent was simply unacceptable and punishable by law. The next step for the opposition will be the disappearance of people without trial and investigation? ..