On Sunday, September 13, the military and armored vehicles entered into the center of Minsk. All over the country, protests against the current government headed by Alexander Lukashenko continue.

The police on October Square were reinforced by the military. They are armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles, wearing helmets and bulletproof vests. Some of them are holding red-green flags (the state flag, used by supporters of Alexander Lukashenko).

An armored personnel carrier is parked near Lukashenka’s city residence – the Palace of Independence. Several people in black camouflage are on duty on the roof of the palace.

The state flag square near the palace is cordoned off. Barbed wire is being deployed near the residence from the exhibition center.

Let’s note that protests continue for the 36th day in a row in Belarus due to the rigged presidential elections held on August 9.