“Yes, they do!”, according to the publication of documents by NBC News, received through the London investigation Centre “project dossier”, funded by Russian opposition figure Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

In these documents, e – mails between supporters of Eugene Prigogine, tycoon, linked with the Kremlin, accused the special adviser to Robert Muller in the previous influence operations against the U.S. – there is a new conspiracy to manipulation and radicalization of African-Americans.

Particularly informative is that the proposal on the recruitment of African Americans and transporting them to camps in Africa “to combat training and preparation for sabotage”. Then, these recruits will be sent back to America for inciting violence and working to create a pan-African state in the South, especially in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

The project entitled “Development Strategy of the pan-African state on the territory of the United States”, also this project puts forward the idea of involving the poor, ex-prisoners, African Americans, “having experience in organized criminal groups” and members of “radical black movements to participate in actions of civil disobedience”. The goal was to “destabilize the internal situation in the United States”.

Some of the documents were sent by Ceyhun “j” Aslanov, an employee of the online research Agency (St. Petersburg’s farm trolls, which played a key role in the Russian campaign of interference in elections USA 2016). Aslanov was one of 13 Russians charged with Muller in February 2018 for his role in the Irish Republican Army.