The authorities of the Russian Severodvinsk offered to leave their homes to the residents of Nenoksa and Sopka – villages located in the area of the base of the Northern Fleet of Russia, where in August 2019 an explosion occurred during testis of one of the latest missiles.

“From 6:00 a.m. July 7 to 18:00 on July 8, the village of Nenoksa falls into the danger zone on the working period of the 1st scientific center of military unit 09703. This was reported by the department’s management. The authorities will be provided with vehicles for everyone who wants to leave.

On July 5 at 5:00 from the street 40 years of Victory, 11 will be sent five buses. Simultaneously, the departure of citizens will be organized in the village of Sopka, ”- the official website of the city administration of Severodvinsk.

A year ago, on August 8, near Nenoksa, a mini-nuclear reactor exploded during tests in the interests of the Russian Defense Ministry. 5 people were killed, including employees of the Research Institute of Experimental Physics in Sarov.

The Norwegian Seismological Center reported that the incident was accompanied by two consecutive explosions, and the formation of a cloud of radioactive iodine, which was discovered over Scandinavia a day after the incident, as a result of which a jump in radioactive gamma radiation of 4-16 times was recorded.

What exactly is happening now near Severodvinsk is known only to God and the Russian authorities.