This month, Radio Liberty received fines for hundreds of thousands of dollars from Roskomnadzor’s for failure  requirements as labeling materials as “agent of foreign media” – said members of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the US House of Representatives.

Lawmakers recommend the Biden administration to consider imposing sanctions on Russian officials and to demand more retaliation for the Russian state-owned media outlets such as “Russia Today” and “Sputnik”, which operate in the United States.

«In Russia, brave journalists must compete with theautocratic Putin regime, which is tightening its stranglehold on the flow of information, including by branding independent media organizations and their journalists as “foreign agents” and mandating draconian labeling requirements. RFE/RL, its corporate entity, its regional newssites, and its journalists have all been targeted by the repressive foreign agent law but haverefused to label their content as “foreign-agent-produced” for fear it will discredit their work.»

«Given the magnitude of the threat these new penalties pose to RFE/RL’s operations within Russia, we urge the Biden Administration to engage the Russian government

immediately to make clear that these restrictions on RFE/RL, its affiliates and its staff are unacceptable and, in particular, that exposing RFE/RL’s staff to criminal liability will be met with serious consequences. If Moscow proceeds with these actions, then we are prepared to work.»