The poorest of the propagandists is Andrey Norkin, host of the “Meeting Place” program on TV. His official annual income is $ 60,000. (hereinafter – from the data of the Federal Tax Service of 2019 with information for the previous period, but there is no reason to believe that the amount of income of propagandists could have changed significantly in one year).

Nevertheless, Norkin’s salary significantly exceeds the income of pensioners, who constitute the bulk of the audience of state propagandists. The average pension in Russia is $188 per month (or almost $2 256 thousand per year).

Thus, Norkin receives about 25 pensioners. Recall that NTV is part of the Gazprom Media holding, which is controlled by the state-owned Gazprombank. However, Norkin receives money not only from NTV but also from the publishing house Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Norkin is a man of difficult fate. Previously, he worked for radio Kommersant-FM, and was considered a relatively liberal presenter, but then took a foreign currency mortgage, which became difficult to pay after Vladimir Putin outplayed everyone and the ruble depreciated.

Credit: The Insider