Russia has announced the advanced air defense missiles deployment on the disputed Kuril Islands. The Russian Eastern Military District press service said in a statement that the S-300B4 anti-aircraft missile systems were put on combat duty and are located on the island of Iturup, one of the four largest southern Kuril Islands in addition to the short-range Tor M2 missile systems stationed there. Russian troops periodically conduct military drills on the disputed islands and may indeed go farther.

Russia seized the Kuril Islands from Japan after the WWII and the peace treaty between two countries has not been signed yet. Japan is disputing the ownership of the Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and Habomai islands.

Russia’s aggressive policy targets many countries worldwide. Russia violated territorial integrity of Moldova and Georgia, announced its territorial claims and the willingness to “protect” Russian-speaking population in the Baltic States. Russia supports Eurosceptic and radical movements in Europe.

Only decisive action and common efforts can stop Russian aggression in the world.