The European Commission has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Hungary for violating the law of the European Union regarding the rights of non-governmental organizations. Actions taken by Hungary could cost it dearly this time.

Non-governmental organizations are required to report on sources of funding under the controversial law of Hungary on non-governmental organizations, adopted in 2017. At the same time, these organizations must indicate whether they receive monetary donations from abroad, and disclose information about sponsors.

In addition, they must be registered as foreign agents. The parliament of the Russian Federation passed a similar law six months ago. However, Hungary is not Russia because it has certain obligations as a member of the European Union.

According to the European Commission, the provisions of the law are incompatible with the EU rules on the free movement of financial resources within the European Union and data protection rights. The European Court confirmed it in June 2019.

Based on the decision of the European Court, Vice President of the European Commission Vera Zhurova stressed that non-governmental organizations should be “supported, not fought.” However, the government under the leadership of Victor Orban ignored the decision made by the European Court…

The government of Hungary has two months to give the specific answer to the request made by the European Commission. Otherwise, the case will be returned to the European Court of Justice, which may decide to impose financial sanctions on Hungary.

Brussels has already initiated several successful trials against Hungary because of its migration policy and the policy of granting refugees selective asylum.