On July 6, a Russian court found journalist Svetlana Prokopieva guilty of acquitting terrorism for the opinion expressed in the author’s column. The prosecutor’s office asked Prokopiev to be sentenced to six years in prison, but the court did not deprive the journalist of her freedom and limited herself to a fine of 500 thousand rubles.

Prokopyeva has emphatically rejected these charges which she calls “the banal revenge of offended FSB officers. In that text, I put the blame for the Arkhangelsk bomb blast on them.

I wrote that the repressive state had received a reaction, that the brutal law enforcement policy was brutalizing citizens. That blocked legitimate paths are pushing the protest momentum into such a socially-dangerous direction.”

Prokopyeva is charged with ‘“public incitement to terrorist activity, public justification or propaganda of terrorism” over comments she made after 17-year-old Mikhail Zhlobytsky blew himself up at the entrance to the Akhangelsk FSB offices on 31 October 2018.

A few seconds earlier, he had left a suicide note on [the messaging app] Telegram. He wrote that he had decided to blow himself up because “The FSB is fucked up — they fake criminal cases and torture people.”