Russia’s level of confidence in President Putin fell. The survey participants were asked to name 5-6 politicians whom they most trust – with no answer options. Only a quarter of respondents this time named Vladimir Putin.

As correspondents noted, the president of Russia did not fulfill his promises to improve the standard of living of Russians, in addition, he increased the retirement age by 5 years.

Also dissatisfied with Putin’s rule pointed to the significant expenditures for the Russian Federation for the war in Syria and Ukraine, as well as Russian support for unrecognized regimes in the world.

The illicit enrichment of Russian power at the expense of the state budget remains a painful issue for the population, while about 20 million citizens are driven below the poverty line, and half of them have enough money only for food and clothing.

And in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the Russian population was sent to a 2-month unpaid quarantine, which led to increased unemployment, further impoverishment of people and the destruction of business.

A month ago, Levada Center also conducted a survey approving the president’s activities – this figure fell to a historic low – a third of all respondents disapprove Putin’s work.

Thus, it should be noted that the population of Russia more and more doubt in the policy of the Kremlin under the leadership of Putin. And as a result, Putin’s rating has been gradually declining since November 2017, when he had almost 60%.