Lithuania’s authorities are starting to work on a comprehensive defense plan, which will also define the role of other institutions and the civil society in resistance, according to the country’s Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas.

It has been announced in recent days that Russia is to withdraw from the Open Skies defense treaty.

It looks similar to the use of ‘soft power’ – to confuse Western societies with such statements that certain mutual things can be done.

Also continues Russia’s military capability build-up in the direction of the West, in the region of Kaliningrad. This is apparent not just from military exercises but also from the establishment of new military formations, the presence of new military capability in this region.

The role of Belarus in Lithuania’s security is also important. Today Belarus is constitutes a certain buffer zone or as a Russian military outpost. In political terms, Russia is obviously strengthening its positions in Belarus, strengthening its military presence and trying to speed up the project of the Union State.

We all understand that Belarus does not have an independent role here. The armed forces of Belarus are an additional element of support for Russia’s armed forces.

All military exercises taking place within the territory of Belarus – and large-scale strategic military exercises, Zapad, will be organised once again this year – show the auxiliary role of Belarus.

In this case, Lithuania should be consecutive in strengthening its national security. That`s why, Anušauskas stated about the possibility of having US troops stationed in Lithuania permanently.