Libyan authorities have dug up 12 bodies from four more unmarked graves in the city of Tarhuna, adding to the scores of corpses already discovered since the area was recaptured in June from the eastern-based forces loyal to putschist Gen. Khalifa Haftar.

Some of the bodies discovered show the marks of violence, including, among those revealed this week, a smashed skull and dismembered limbs.

The forces of the UN-backed Libyan government have been accusing the rival east-based army of mass killings in Tarhuna. It’s long been proven that since 2016 Russian military and mercenaries of the Wagner private military company have been taking part in the civil war in Libya, ongoing since 2011.

During this civil war, Russian mercenaries marked their participation with acts of torture, vandalism, and a bloody trail of corpses they left behind. “Wagner” group is well known for its cruelty, violation of human rights, tortures. It is a well-known move of The Russian Federation to use PMG to do “dirty work”. Russia also used them in Syria, Georgia and Ukraine.

After the most recent retreat of Haftar’s forces alongside Russian mercenaries in the area of Tarhuna, a lot of bodies were found in city hospitals (including bodies of women and children), containers where prisoners had been burnt alive, wells with the bones of executed captives, and at least eight fresh mass graves.

Preliminary reports claim dozens were buried alive there. It remains a challenging task to find out the exact number of bodies thrown into those mass graves. In one of those horrific sites, for example, at least two dozen badly decomposed bodies, which could be of entire families, had been exhumed.