The number of people vaccinated against the coronavirus in the U.S. as of Dec. 23 exceeded 1 million.

This is a ballpark figure, and the actual number should already be higher, as some data on the ground are sent “upstairs” with delays.”As the number of infections continues to rise across the country, this achievement came at a time when it was critically needed and will help protect those on the front lines of the epidemic – our doctors, nursing home residents and similar facilities,” notes director of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Robert Redfield.

About 9.5 million doses of vaccines have already been delivered locally in the States. Next week, about 20 million more doses of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines should be distributed.

Recall that vaccination against coronavirus in the U.S. began on Dec. 14.

Health experts, including the country’s chief infectious disease officer Anthony Fauci, say vaccination will help eventually stop the pandemic, but it is important for most people who are not vaccinated in the first place to stay vigilant in the coming months.