The Russian military ally suffered an extremely serious military defeat. The Armenian side is forced to leave considerable territories. In other respects, this was to be expected, Putin did nothing of the promise.

First, he could not prevent the outbreak of hostilities themselves. Secondly, he could not stop them when he wanted to do it.

For almost a month Russia watched the beating of its ally, making the excuse that the war was being waged on the territory of Azerbaijan, and no one encroached on the Armenian territory. It is unclear what prevented Armenia, which found itself in a critical situation, from being provided with more or less modern military equipment. As Turkey acted in relation to Azerbaijan. Third, hostilities were ultimately stopped not because of “Putin’s intervention,” but because of the surrender of his ally.

Russia initially did not plan to solve or help anything, it just worked according to its own plan. Therefore, all the events that have taken place are lined up quite logically. A game was planned with Azerbaijan and Turkey in the conditions of their conflict with the EU. The population of Armenia, as well as the Armenian diaspora in Russia, and in the world as a whole, will now be told that it was Russia that saved Armenia from total destruction. Putin’s ratings – both within Russia, and in Azerbaijan, and in Armenia, and even in the EU – should go up – he is a peacemaker. Once again, Putin used the military conflict not in cases to resolve it, but for his own selfish purposes.