In Ukraine, was detained a man who could become one of the key witnesses in the case of MH17. This is the opinion of the Bellingcat research team, which has been investigating the disaster for several years.

Security officials did not disclose the name of the detainee. Even the place and time of the election of a preventive measure remain secret. The reasons are explained briefly – the secret of the investigation. At the same time, the Security Service of Ukraine stated that for the past six years this person has been one of the curators of the leadership of the DPR group and a freelance employee of the GRU of the Russian armed forces.

The Ukrainian Security Service has published audio recordings of the detainee’s conversations with two of the four Boeing defendants. Their trial began in the Netherlands in March 2020.

“This person was informed of suspicion in this particular criminal case investigating the crash of the MH17 aircraft. He was directly involved in the creation and leadership of the“ intelligence department of the Donetsk People’s Republic, ”said prosecutor of the Office of the Attorney General Alexander Bannik.

A detainee may turn out to be an important person in the investigation of the Malaysian Boeing’s catastrophe, since among his frequent interlocutors there are just two who have already been formally charged by the investigation in the Netherlands in the case of MH17.

The first is Sergei Dubinsky, a citizen of the Russian Federation, also known as the Gloomy. The second is Leonid Kharchenko, who is the only one of four Ukrainian citizens accused of MH17.

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