Fighters of terrorist groups of Donbas treat their prisoners inhumanly and torture of victims happens every day. This was stated during the Munich Security Conference by the recent political prisoner of the “DPR” Stanislav Aseev.

Former prisoner of militants Stanislav Aseev showed a terrible photo of the room in which terrorists set up the «Izolyatsia» (isolation) prison in occupied Donetsk.

In the photo you can see the building of the former factory, which now houses the prisoners’ place of detention, the common area, cells and even the instrument of torture – “tapik”. The prisoner is wrapped with a wire, poured with water from a bottle and electrocuted.

According to the pictures, the inmates sleep on solid pallets covered with foam pieces and dirty blankets.

Aseev believes that the “concentration camp administration” employees began to “leak” the photos in order to earn an indulgence.

“It seems that those who still have brains from the administration (concentration camp) have finally understood what this topic will turn out to be for them in the near future: an international search and a court from our side, and «reset» (deniability) in this case from the “brothers” from the FSB “, – said the former prisoner.