“Poland will always support Ukraine in the international arena and will never recognize border changes amended by the Russian Federation,” stated Polish President Andrzej Duda in an interview for “Gazety Polskiej”.

“This is a very difficult situation, and I have a deep conviction that we cannot leave Ukraine under the following circumstances. Therefore, wherever I am in the international arena, I emphasize that international law must be respected. After all, no one needs to explain how threatening a situation in which Europe and the whole world would be if it is recognized that it is possible to change borders by the use of force, even if it is a tacit agreement,” said Andrzej Duda and added that Poland could not agree to this.

According to him, over the past five years, several parts of Ukraine have been occupied by Russia. Ukraine is a country that was attacked, and the war smolders there all the time.

“Today, strong support for Ukraine in the international arena is in the national interests of Poland” said the President of Poland.