On Sunday, November 1, voting in the presidential elections began in Moldova. There are eight candidates in the race, but the best chances are between pro-Russian President Igor Dodon and pro-Western ex-Prime Minister Maia Sandu.

Dodon, who campaigned on the need for rapprochement with Russia, won the 2016 election. Now he continues to talk about the need for a neutral foreign policy and the development of relations with Moscow and the EU.

Seven candidates oppose him. The main opponent is Maia Sandu, former prime minister and leader of the pro-European The Action and Solidarity Party. In the last election, Sandu lost to Dodon in the second round.

Another rival of Dodon is the head of The Dignity and Truth Platform Party, Andrei Nastase. In the 2016 presidential elections, he withdrew his candidacy in favor of Sandu, who became the single candidate from the pro-European forces.