Protests against the Constitutional Court’s decision, which has already come into force and increased the ban on abortions to almost nothing, have gathered in Poland for the third night in a row.

In Warsaw, several hundred people gathered in the city centre around 8 pm. According to the organizers, the column was supposed to march towards Warsaw Uprising Square, but later their movement was impeded by a police cordon, and the police also blocked a bus with an audio system.

During minor skirmishes, the police used tear gas against Marta Lempart, one of the protest leaders.

At the end, some people marched in columns to the home of the ruling PiS party leader Jarosław Kaczyński, where by then a significant police force had been brought in.

Actions were also held in Wrocław, Gdańsk and Łódź, where several hundred people also gathered, and less in other cities.Recall that the Constitutional Court on 22 October declared abortion due to fetal defects unconstitutional, setting a legal framework that amounts to an almost total ban on abortion in the country.

Following mass protests, President Duda said he would make proposals to the Sejm that would stipulate that abortion would be allowed in cases of so-called fatal fetal defects, but not in cases of Down syndrome diagnosis.

The October ruling of the CC was only published on 27 January, which caused a new wave of protests.