What’s known.

One of the most resonant events at the all-Russian protest in Russia was the incident in St. Petersburg – a policeman kicked 54-year-old Margarita Yudina in the stomach. A video has been published on social networks in which riot policemen were leading the detainee and a woman stands in their way with intention to ask something, after that one of the policemen has kicked her in the stomach with a boot.

The woman was diagnosed with a concussion, a closed head injury and a hematoma in the occiput. On the night of Saturday to Sunday she got worse and she was transferred to the intensive care unit in serious condition but on Sunday Yudina was transferred to the cardiac surgery department.

Margarita Yudina said that she was intentionally transferred from the intensive care unit to the ward for a conversation with the authorities of the security officer.

“They asked for him all day. From the intensive care unit I was transferred to the ward so that the colonel could come. They persuaded to forgive, claimed he is the best oficer. Then the correspondent had come, I was confused. In general, I am a gentle person and I have forgiven,” she said.

The head of the department for the protection of public order of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Police Colonel Sergey Muzyka apologized to Yudina. The colonel came to the woman at the hospital and “apologized several times on behalf of the entire personnel,” promising to investigate and punish those who are responsible.

Article 20 of the Russian Criminal Procedure Code classifies a crime committed by a police officer as a public prosecution crime. This means that a criminal case on this fact should be initiated regardless to the statement or apology that the police officer brought. All the apologies that the police officer brought can only be a mitigating circumstance in this case, but in no way a reason for refusing to initiate a criminal case.

In the United States or the European Union countries, this incident would have far-reaching consequences, up to the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs. But this concerns to the states where the rule of law is respected.

In Putin’s Russia, apperently, a criminal case on the beating of Margarita Yudina will never be initiated.