Russian propaganda has launched 260 different fakes about the terrorist attack since the Russian military shot down MH17 flight.

Such data were published by European analysts on the EUvsDisinfo website.

“For six years, a continuous pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign aimed at concealing the Kremlin’s responsibility for this tragedy has been conducted. However, as more and more evidence of Russia’s direct involvement emerges, the disinformation campaign is apparently clinging to a straw, ”the authors of the article claim.

Among the most absurd fakes there is a positive reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry to a book published in Malaysia that Jewish Illuminati antichrists are allegedly involved in the deaths of two Malaysia Airlines planes – #MH17 and #MH370.

Recently, there have been attempts to link the trial in the case of the plane crash in Donbass with the coronavirus, and just before the trial in the Netherlands, “new sensational leaks” about the absence of Buk missile systems in the area of the crash.