Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN Serhiy Kyslytsia called demographic changes in the annexed Crimea “a huge problem”. He is convinced that Russia is trying to oust the entire pro-Ukrainian population from the peninsula, about which the UN has been informed.

He expressed gratitude to those Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars who, despite everything, continue to remain on the peninsula.

“The last resolution on Crimea contains a clause on demographic changes in the population in Crimea. And this is a huge problem. And here I want to pay tribute and thank the Crimean Tatar patriots who, despite all the oppression, remain in Crimea. Because the prospect of washing out the pro-Ukrainian population in Crimea is real. And this is what the occupying country in Crimea is striving for – to squeeze out anyone as much as possible – be it the Crimean Tatars or another ethnic minority”, Kyslytsia said.

According to him, “we are talking about tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Russians” who were resettled to Crimea during the annexation.