The issue of water supply to the occupied Crimea for Russian President Vladimir Putin may not be a reason for the expansion of aggression against Ukraine, but an occasion.

A sharp drop in oil prices, the consequences of coronavirus infection, environmental disasters in Murmansk, and Taimyr, the incompetence of officials, led to a drop in Putin’s ratings. And he will do everything in order to once again demonstrate to Russian society his alleged capabilities that they have not changed since 2014 when Russia captured Crimea.

The lack of water in the occupied Crimea is not critical. It is enough for the needs of the population but not enough for the construction of housing for the colonization of Crimea by Russian citizens. Water is sorely lacking for the army and military facilities. Also, water is not enough for the development of new infrastructure.

And this may be an occasion for Putin to demonstrate to the world that he is capable to take decisive action and “provide” Crimea with water and, referring to humanitarian aspects, to occupy more territory of Ukraine in order to raise his rating.