The leadership of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces stated that in any missile attack on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Russian army will use nuclear weapons in accordance with the doctrine signed by Russian President V. Putin.

Any attacking missile, regardless of the type of its equipment (nuclear or non-nuclear), will be positioned as a missile with a nuclear warhead … The article was published in the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, an official organ of the RF Ministry of Defense. The material made it clear that the launch of a rocket towards the Russian Federation is defined as an attempt to “destroy Russia as a state.”

The leadership of the Russian Federation explains its actions by the fact that in recent years the situation in the world has significantly aggravated “in connection with the actions of the American leadership to systematically destroy the international security system.”

“It should be emphasized that the appearance of a document of this level in the public space occurred for the first time in the entire history of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation as its legal successor,” the article says. It looks like the “cold war” as well as the “iron curtain” are taking on real features. What’s next – World War III?