We publish data on Russian Psyops troops, who fight to destroy democracy and freedom in the Baltic States, Sweden and Finland. Residents of the Baltic States, Sweden and Finland, these russian officers are working in the informational environment to destabilize the situation in your homeland!

The information was received from a resource widely known throughout the world. It has been fighting Russian propaganda for many years. Below is a link.

This time we received information about the 706th Center for Information Counteraction of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the city of St. Petersburg. The zone of responsibility of this military unit is the Baltic States, Finland, Sweden and Belarus.
First, let’s get acquainted with the officer of the above mentioned center – PETROV Ruslan Anatolievich, senior officer of the 21st department (disinformation) 706 center.

Ruslan is not used to hide the details of his private life, so we have the opportunity to view a bunch of photographs from which it becomes clear that he likes not only to throw disinformation into the information space of other states, but also much more other interesting things.

Here he is, and his page in VK, and the cherry on the cake, his personal number +79641507512

Other representatives of the real Putin “bourgeoisie”, which were revealed by the citizens of the Russian Federation:

1) captain Eminov Azret Orazalievich, head of the special materials department of the information department.This specialist is a master of sports in boxing and, most likely, devotes a lot of time to this occupation. But, taking into account the dating profile on gay forums in St. Petersburg, the 29-year-old officer is interested not only in sports.

2)Arthur Viktorovich Basangov was also identified through gay dating sites. The 28-year-old propaganda officer of the Russian Federation army is married, has children and cannot keep that very secret of his life. And just like Eminov, he is distracted by unusual for Russian propaganda tasks.

3)Young officer Aleksandrova Margarita, graduated from Military University,Faculty of Foreign Languages. She is a linguist- interpreter of French and English. Here is her phone number +79998520512.

These are propaganda specialists whose calling is to influence public opinion in Europe. The effect of their activities: destabilization of entire regions of EU, the Baltic States and Scandinavia