A Russian court on 16 September 2020 sentenced Crimean Tatar civic journalist Seiran Saliyev to 16 years’ imprisonment on an identical charge to that used by the Soviet regime against his great-grandfather.

The latter’s refusal to go into a collective farm, after the Soviets had taken away everything he owned, had been treated as ‘trying to overthrow the state’ and “calling to counterrevolution”.

More than 80 years later, Seiran Saliyev was accused of ‘terrorism’ and ‘trying to overthrow the state’ after he reacted to the mounting repression following Russia’s annexation of Crimea by actively helping political prisoners and their families, and as a civic journalist, ensuring that people knew of the armed searches, arrests and political trials.

The FSB initially tried to silence Saliyev through administrative prosecutions. When he refused to be silenced, or to leave Crimea, they brought the ‘terrorism’ charges.

Source: http://khpg.org