The territory of the regions temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation of the Luhansk region, Ukraine was massively delivered with 1000 rubles denomination. This is stated in the message of the separatist Telegram channel “Chetky Lugansk” author.

According to the message, all banknotes have the same number. The author makes the assumption that they could have been thrown across the border from the Vologda region of the Russian Federation – it is there that they are very often taken out of use.

“Some of the big guys inside the Republic want inflation to go up exponentially. Then you know what will happen! The problem is that no one knows how many fakes were brought in, and only experts can determine that these are fakes. And the experts are in Lugansk. So far, all the clues lead to the Deputy Head of the Border Guard Service of the LPR State Security Ministry” – the author of the separatist Telegram channel said.