Russia continues to accelerate the pace of a disinformation company targeted against NATO troops in Latvia. This time, Russian propagandists were caught on a open lie by journalists from the Canadian public broadcaster CBS.

It becomes apparent that social networks remain their main platform for the distribution of fake news. So, a lot of articles with a large number of Covid-19 cases recorded at the NATO base in Adazi (near Riga) were published in many Facebook groups in the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe territories.

“This is absolutely not true information,” said Colonel Eric La Forest, who leads the Canadian military group in the Baltic states.

Latvian journalists agree with their Canadian counterparts regarding the spread of misinformation by Russia. The Latvian portal Delfi writes that fake articles were posted just before the start of the recent NATO military exercises in the Baltic states. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Latvia immediately reacted and within a few hours gave an explanation on this situation.

Together, the Canadian and Latvian sides neutralized the fake news. Further attempts to slander by the Russians were equally disastrous. According to CBS, this is far from the first attempt, supported by Russian media in Latvia, to drive a wedge between the military contingent of the Western countries and Latvian society. And disinformation – is a part of Moscow’s military methods.