The Russia-backed terrorists once again violated all moral and humanitarian standards and fired at three soldiers who were supposed to evacuate the body of the deceased Ukrainian military from the battlefield.

Having received confirmation of the “Ceasefire” regime, the evacuation group in white helmets with identification marks did not manage to reach the body a few meters. At this time, the enemy opened fire to effect with a use of small arms.

The group conducted a withdrawal, but the military doctor hastened to help the wounded. At this moment, the once again started shelling with a use of grenade launchers of various systems and heavy machine guns. As a result of enemy fire, a military medic – died, two soldiers were injured.

The insidious murder of a medic, that had all relevant insignia, is yet another evidence that the Russian-occupying forces are not going to comply with any international law. The bodies of the dead soldiers remain at the site of the shelling. Negotiations are ongoing with the OSCE mission to evacuate them.