When Russian troops invaded Crimea in 2014, they quickly captured the port facilities of the Ukrainian fleet and a significant part of the old ships that were inherited from the USSR.

Ukraine has only one ship left аfter the annexation – the frigate “Getman Sagaidachny”, as well as several smaller vessels. The Russian fleet is much larger than the Ukrainian.

Therefore, Kiev launched a rearmament program, building warships of several classes. According to Forbes, in the event of a new aggression against Ukraine, Russia should not be afraid of Ukrainian new ships, but for anti-ship missiles, which Kiev produces and buys.

Today, Kiev and Washington have completed negotiations to transfer three more Island-class boats. When all the ships are into service, the Ukrainian Navy will have at their disposal one frigate and several dozens of modern Gyurza-M, Island, and Mark VI class patrol boats.

Boats are part of the sensor network. And this network will be able to provide data on the strength of mobile anti-ship systems. Russia should be afraid of these missiles, not boats. The Ukrainian design bureau Luch is developing R-360 Neptune rockets and the equipment they need.

Forbes explains that the range of missiles reaches 280 kilometers. With their help, Ukraine can keep at hand half of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. And if it deploys a sufficient number of Neptune systems, the Black Sea becomes a trap for Russian ships, with which it is impossible to escape.