The Chief of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Office Michał Dworczyk, said that Ukrainians temporarily or permanently staying in the country would be vaccinated free of charge.

“Every person who resides legally in the territory of the Republic of Poland, and this stay is regulated, for example, with a temporary or permanent residence card, can get vaccinated. There are no restrictions, so workers from Ukraine or other countries will be able to receive the vaccine free of charge,” the Chief of the Chancellery said.

Dworczyk explained that no additional documents other than those confirming that the person has a regulated place of residence in Poland will be required. “These people do not need to have additional documents, any work permit or study permit, as temporary residence does not always imply a permit to work in our country,” he reminded.

Also, Dworczyk said that the vaccine will be available to everyone and that it will be possible to sign up for it even if a person is not insured. The first batch of vaccine arrived in Poland on Friday. The first vaccination against COVID-19 began on Sunday.

By the end of January, 1.5 million doses of vaccine should be delivered to Poland.