The question of returning Crimea will be open to Ukraine until the peninsula returns to the status it had before February 2014.
This was stated at a briefing by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.
“The issue of Crimea is closed exclusively in the minds of the residents of the Kremlin. For the rest of the world and for the Russians themselves, who are not burdened with propaganda clichés, the issue of Crimea remains open until it returns to Ukraine,” Kuleba said.
The minister added that Russia continues its aggression against Ukraine. So, on October 14, 12 illegal conscription campaign is planned in Crimea. Moreover, such a campaign is a war crime and is expressly prohibited by international humanitarian law.
“About the crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Crimea, all of them are duly documented, recorded and, of course, the time will come when all of them will be added to the case and Russia will bear responsibility for them,” Kuleba said.