Thousands of Vladivostok residents, where an ice storm took place last week, are still without electricity, heat and water. The state of emergency was declared in the region.

Hospitals were cut off power, transport was partially stopped, 169 thousand people were left without electricity and heat.

According to the Ministry of Energy of Russia on Tuesday, residents of 39 settlements are still without power supply, including about 76 thousand people in Vladivostok and Artem. There is no heat in the houses where about 21 thousand people live. Due to power outages in Vladivostok, there was no drinking water left in the shops, and queues arose at gas stations.

The central authorities of Russia once again show their insolvency and have been unable to take the situation under their control for a week. Or do not want to, in connection with the protests against very corrupt government in the region. Although there is a third version of the relationship between the Kremlin and the common people, which is sounded in the warm annexed Crimea and sounds like – “There is no money, but you hold on!” And this means that the problems of their common people are not interesting to the Russian authorities.