Recently, an edited version of the fifth part of the report on Russian interference in the US elections will become available to the general public. The US Senate Special Intelligence Committee voted to “accept the classified version of the final part of the investigation” of Russia’s interference in the US presidential elections in 2016. This is reported in a statement, which was released on Tuesday, August 4, by the interim head of the special committee, Republican Senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, and Deputy Chairman Mark Warner (Democrat from Virginia).

Washington and American intelligence services have repeatedly stated that Russia tried to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. So, in June 2016, the American media reported unauthorized interference in the information system of the US Democratic National Committee. Hacking was carried out by two groups of hackers – Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear. Both are closely associated with the Russian authorities and are involved in political and economic espionage. The Russian government categorically denies any involvement in the incident.