The Intelligence of Ukraine found a Russian agent in Spain. The Security Service of Ukraine accuses the well-known Eastern European blogger Anatoly Shariy, residing in the Kingdom of Spain, of high treason.

According to investigators, Anatoly Shariy carried out illegal activities, being detrimental to the national security of Ukraine in the information sphere, and disseminated distorted information about government initiatives and the events of the Russo-Ukrainian war deliberately and purposefully.

A number of studies carried out by experts confirm the evidence of the investigation. These experts established that the interviews and speeches delivered by Anatoliy Shariy included facts of his subversive activities against Ukraine.

Anatoly Shariy has assisted governmental and non-governmental structures of the Russian Federation in conducting special information operations through social networks, electronic media, and Russian television channels since 2012.

Blocking YouTube channel of Anatoly Shariy, which is clearly an element of Kremlin propaganda, is a matter of time.